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Paverpol Textile Hardener - 5 Liter - White

Art.code: PA-W095

Paverpol Textile Hardener

  • Contents: 5 Liter
  • Colour: White
  • Available Colours: Transparent, Lead, Bronze, Skincolor, White and Black
  • Available Contents: 250ml, 500ml, 1.000ml, 5,750ml
  • Ean-code: 8717202650231

This amount of Paverpol is good for making large images. Paverpol transparent becomes invisible when dry.
Paverpol is a unique water based textile hardener. It offers endless possibilities to give shape to your creativity. Paverpol allows you to make statues, both for indoors and outdoors, as well as abstract objects, wall decorations, vases, bowls, animals, jewellery and masks. New ideas come up every day. And the most fun thing is: everyone can do it!

One can make all sorts of materials such as textiles, paper, chamois leather, fiberglass, self-hardening clays, and all sorts of natural materials hard with Paverpol. It will adhere to wood, ceramics, plaster, concrete and stone, and Styrofoam (polystyrene), etc.

A unique feature of Paverpol is its fast drying. Therefore, it is possible to make a ready-made object in one day, for example, a garden statue. Paverpol dries completely transparent. For example, by heating with a hair dryer, accelerates the drying time. Colored fabric, possibly with design retains its original appearance.

By color powder (Pavercolor) added to Paverpol, Paverpol can be colored without slowing down the drying time. For example, white textile can be colored as desired. Pavercolor is now available in 28 colors. The colors can be mixed with eachother, so making numerous color shades.

Large outdoor objects always have a good frame. Exclusively textile and Paverpol can not be built Eiffel Tower! In addition, an object in the full sun may again be flexible. Upon cooling, however, regains its original shape. So support good!

Paverpol do not freeze in liquid form, Paverpol can withstand extreme frost in hard form.
Tools and hands simply rinse with warm water. Wearing gloves is not necessary.

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