TOP-ACTION 1: 15% Discount
Hobby-Glue Collall – Transparent -  100ml (LIJ-007)

A clear hobby glue. Sticks together paper, craft, felt, cork etc. A widely applicable glue, easy to work with since the glue may be cleanly washed with cold water and the bottle is locked with a twist cap.

TOP-ACTION 2:  20% Discount on 25 Jars Colored Sand ( ZA-001 / ZA-070) - Colour: Mixed colours - Contents Jar: app. 30 gram. For sand painting, sand art, etc.

TOP-ACTION 3:  10% Discount on Double-Sided AdhesiveTransparant A4 Foil (LIJ-402) - Size: A4 - 21 x 29,7cm - 8.3 x 12in - Contents: 3 Sheets
This Foil is produced for applications by which the foundation may shows through.