I have an idea, suggestion or complaint, where can I inform Top-Hobby?

You can tell us your idea, suggestion or complaint at the button contact.

Where can I find examples made with Top-Hobby products ?

You can find examples with the products.

Where can I find Tips ?

You can find Tips by the products and above the group.

Where can I buy the products of this website?

Send us an e-mail and we let you know where you can buy our products..

Can I buy at top-hobby?

You only can buy at Top-hobby if you have a company who sells hobby products. Go to “sign in”, fill in your data, e-mail us your business registration form and VAT number and we email your log in data.

We are sorry but we only supply to the craft business. 

Do Top-Hobby sell my personal data ?

No, Top-Hobby will never  sell your personal data. Your personal data will only be used to process your order well.

Do I have to be logged in for ordering?

Yes, only if you are logged in you can see our prices and order our products.

How do I get inlogdata ?

Go to “sign in”, fill in your data, e-mail us your business registration form and VAT number and you get your log in  data. 

How can I check my personal data at Top-hobby ?

If you click on your name in front of our website, you can go to your account. If the data are not correct, adjust them and save the adjustment.

What do Top-hobby do with the articles which are not on stock?

The articles which are not in Stock will not be charged. We will repay the surplus payment to your bankaccount.

We will let you know if the articles are in stock again. You can add them to your order and when the minimum orderamount has been reached, you can sent us the order.

What is your minimum order amount?

Our minimum order is € 100,= excl. V.A.T

What are the shipping costs?

 Shipping Costs per Country





Order amount

Shipping costs (excl. VAT)

Holland, Belgium


€  50 excl. VAT

< € 100,= excl. VAT € 7,=.

> € 100,= excl. VAT free house

Germany, Danmark, Luxembourg

€  50 excl. VAT

< € 150,= excl. VAT € 10,=.

> € 150,= excl. VAT free house



€ 100 excl. VAT

< € 200,= excl. VAT € 12,50.

> € 200,= excl. VAT € 7,50 per 32 kilo*

France, Great Britain


€ 100 excl. VAT

< € 200,= excl. VAT € 15,=.

> € 200,= excl. VAT € 10,= per 32 kilo*

Finland, Estonia, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Croatia,

Latvia, Lithuania, Poland,

Portugal, Rumenia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Bulgaria

€ 100 excl. VAT

< € 200,= excl. VAT € 30,=.

> € 200,= excl. VAT € 20,= per 32 kilo*


Greece, Malta

€ 100 excl. VAT

< € 200,= excl. VAT € 35,=.

> € 200,= excl. VAT € 30,= per 32 kilo*

Iceland, Switserland, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia, Cyprus, Greenland, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Ukraïne, Serbia, Turkey, Belarus

€ 100 excl. VAT

< € 150,= excl. VAT € 35,=.

> € 150,= excl. VAT € 30,= per 20 kilo**

Other Countries

€ 100 excl. VAT

< € 150,= excl. VAT € 95,=.

> € 150,= excl. VAT € 95,= per 20 kilo**



The  shipping costs in your shopping cart will be charged automaticly based on country of destiny  and the expected weight :

* 1 box of 32 kilo contains € 200,= total amount of the goods excl. VAT.

** 1 box of 20 kilo contains € 150,= total amount of the goods excl. VAT.

If the real shipping costs are less than the automaticly charged shipping costs we will restitue the  to much payed shipping costs.

If the real shipping costs are higher than the automaticly charged shipping costs we will send you an supplementary invoice in front.

The shipping costs are exclusive VAT.

Do I always have to e-mail a copy of my business registration?

Yes, we only supply to the craft business. To judge this we need a copy of your business registration.

Will my payment be processed safely?

You can pay free with the most populair payment methods like Ideal, creditcard, mr cash, sofort banking, creditcard, Ideal. Your personal data will be processed safely. Herefore we utilize SSL (Secure Socket Layer), your privat data will be send  encrypted. In your internet adressbar you see a green locked safety locker. 

What is the deliverytime?

The delivery time is almost direct, we pick your order, and if the order has been payed, we will sent your order directly to you. We ship your order with the GLS. It takes most of the time 2 – 4 days till the GLS deliver your order at your adress. For delivery we depend on the GLS and we are never responsible for to late delivered orders.

How do I know my order has been shipped?

We send your order by GLS. After we hand over your order to the GLS you receive an e-mail with the parcelnumber and a Track & Trace link, for tracking your shipment.

How can I get the newsletter ?

Fill in your e-mailaddress in the bottom of our website, click on “subscribe”  and you will receive our newsletter automatically.

I lost my username and/or password.

Your username is your e-mail address. Klick on “forgot your password”, fill in your e-mailaddress and you will receive an e-mail with a temporarily password. For secure reasons this password will be valid for only 24 hours. After logging in you will be asked to change your temporarily password.

Where can I find my orders?

If you click on your name in front of our website you can choose “my orders” and you get an overview of all your orders. You can see your order by clicking on “view order”.

I am not always present on the delivery adress.

At the end of your order you can inform us  what days you are not present at the delivery address. we write this information on the shippingbill. You also can inform us about an (permanent) alternative delivery address, where we can send your order to. 

Answer not found?

Send a Contact message and we will answer you as soon as possible.